Sonia A. Gambaro is a producer/manager focused on cultivating dynamic careers for her writers and pollinating the world with great stories. Prior to starting her own company she spent time in development at Madhouse Entertainment, Televisa USA and Paradigm Talent Agency. In 2017 Pollinate forged a strategic partnership with Maytal Gilboa of Emet Entertainment to develop and package projects based on Emet's catalog of graphic novels as well as develop new and original IP. 

Prior to her producing work, Sonia had a successful career in music working as a DJ in Los Angeles, Mexico City, NYC, and Europe. She was an on-air mixer on 102.7 KIIS-FM & POWER 106, coordinated on, The Wake Up Show with Sway & Tech, performed on the Warped Tour and hosted the critically acclaimed Hip Hop Show on LATV where she would later work as the segment producer of, Suprema Sound Exclusives breaking new music and artists. Fate would later land her a job as a TV writer’s assistant on Bravo's, Celebrity Autobiographies which would begin her transition from the turntables to the art of storytelling. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.